The Howell Wetlands features 35 acres of marshland, bald cypress slough, oxbow lake, lowland hardwood forest and upland meadow as well as the wildlife found in these habitats such as muskrats, beavers, herons, wood ducks, geese and deer. 

Howell Wetlands is one of only five urban wetlands parks in Indiana.  Howell Wetlands has walking trails and boardwalks through the site and offers staff-led programs and tours for the public and to school groups.

Howell Wetlands is adjacent to Howell Park, which provides miniature golf, baskeball, Par #3 golf, swimming pool, and other recreational opportunities.

The Wesselman Nature Society oversees the Howell Wetlands.  Please contact the Wesselman Nature Society for more information at:

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Howe Wetlands

photos furnished by Storrow & Kinsella Associates

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