Stormwater pollution can be generated from a variety of everyday residential and commercial activities. Some of these activities include washing cars on paved surfaces, improperly disposing pet waste, chemically over-treating lawns, and making home improvements without erosion protection. By identifying and understanding how some of our everyday actions can contribute to stormwater pollution and making small changes to how we perform these tasks, we can help prevent water pollution in our communities.

We’ve gathered information to help you get started learning about the causes of the most common pollution problems, as well as simple steps everyone can take to prevent stormwater runoff.

Auto Care
Excess Stormwater
Home Improvements
Pet Waste
Soil and Lawn Care

An EPA Homeowner's GuideMake Your Home the Solution to Stormwater Pollution

A homeowner's guide to healthy habits for clean water offering tips for vehicle and garage, lawn and garden, home repair and improvement, pet care, septic systems, and swimming pools.

A Citizen's Guide to Understanding StormwaterAfter the Storm

This pamphlet provides a good overview for understanding stormwater runoff, its effects on the environment, and what citizens can do to help.

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