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Mathew Schneider

Case Manager
Primary Department: Drug & Alcohol Deferral Services

Professional Profile

Matt Schneider is a 2006 Graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Cum Laude.

Matt began his Criminal Justice career in 2007 as a House Arrest Field Coordinator for Home Incarceration Systems Incorporated.  In 2009 he began working for Posey County Community Corrections as a Case Manager for the Electronic Monitoring and Day Reporting Programs.  In addition to house arrest duties, he would work with clients to develop case plans targeted to maximize effectiveness while reducing chances to recidivate.  Goals were created to move clients through the stages of change so that they can maintain sobriety, engage with prosocial peers, and adhere to prosocial thinking long after their program was complete.

From 2016 to 2020 Matt worked as the Executive Director for Posey County Community Corrections, where he oversaw the performance of the Electronic Monitoring, Day Reporting, and Work Release Programs.  Matt secured just under two million dollars in grant funding as well as approximately 150,000.00 in project income in order to continue the operations of the program.  Matt also developed policies and procedures in regards to evidence base practices, effective case management, and the daily operation of a Community Corrections Program.

Matt has been working as a Case Manager with the DADS office since December of 2020, where he continues to develop case plans with up to 130 participants.  He received his CSAMS certification In December of 2021.  Matt’s passion for the entirety of his professional career has been to work with people as they walk their path to recovery and to promote the safety of his community.